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Chile peso could depreciate further following five-year nadir
Chile's peso currency may fall even further, despite having sunk to an over five-year low this week, analysts said, as central bank monetary policy easing, market volatility and a recovering U.S. An expansive monetary policy, with Chile's central bank cutting the benchmark interest rate by 150 basis points since October in a bid to reverse an economic slowdown, has made the peso less attractive ...(8/20/2014 6:35:30 PM)
Chile students march, demanding Bachelet deliver on reforms
Thousands of students filled the central streets of Chile's capital city, Santiago, on Thursday, in a march to remind President Michelle Bachelet that their patience is running out as to when she will deliver promised education reforms. Smaller marches also took place in other towns around Chile. The students are calling for more active participation in and clarity on education reforms that the ...(8/21/2014 7:15:45 PM)
Main subway line blacked out in Chile's capital
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — A power failure has knocked out the main subway line in Chile's capital, trapping thousands of riders and throwing Santiago's evening rush hour into chaos.(8/20/2014 8:57:32 PM)
New Mexico chile gets certified-product safeguards
BERNALILLO, N.M. (AP) — Idaho has its potatoes. Florida has its fresh fruits and juices. Vidalia is the name synonymous with the nation's most famous sweet onion.(8/19/2014 6:31:33 PM)
Coalition pokes holes in NM's new chile program
New Mexico's certified chile program just launched, and some of the state’s residents are not happy about it, saying it’s not fair to generations of traditional New Mexico chile growers. (8/22/2014 8:39:03 PM)
Chile central bank sees slower than expected economic recovery
Chile's economic recovery will be slower than previously expected, central bank chief Rodrigo Vergara said on Tuesday, adding that lower energy costs were needed to nuture growth. "We are projecting a slower economic recovery than we forecast a while ago, with a third quarter that will continue showing a significant degree of weakness," Vergara said in a speech at a local university.(8/19/2014 11:36:53 AM)
Chile certification to cost NM growers $500 a year
There is a new way New Mexico farmers are working to weed out green chile impostors. Chile growers can now have their product certified. The state’s Chile Association launched the voluntary program this week. Growers pay $500 a year to have their red and green chile certified as New Mexico-grown and be able to label their products as such. “The best part about the New Mexico Chile Growers ...(8/21/2014 7:56:37 PM)
Geologists warn of mega quake for north Chile
North Chile is at risk of a mega earthquake after a tremor in April released only some of the tension building along a high-risk fault zone since 1877, researchers said Wednesday. Two studies published in the journal Nature said the 8.1-8.2 magnitude quake that shook the city of Iquique, killing six people and forcing a million to leave their homes, may not have been the anticipated Big One ...(8/13/2014 6:52:10 PM)
Big Earthquake Looms for Chile, Experts Say
The powerful earthquake that rocked Chile in April ruptured the earth in a way that suggests major quakes may still hit the region in the future, researchers say. On April 1, a magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck about 58 miles (94 kilometers) northwest of Iquique in northern Chile, a major port city and hub for Chile's copper mining industry. The area is a subduction zone, where one tectonic plate ...(8/13/2014 1:08:22 PM)
New Mexico Chile joins Idaho Potatoes as certified crop; program provides protections
New Mexico is looking to a new certification program to protect the reputation of one of its signature crops: chile.(8/19/2014 5:41:50 PM)
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