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Burma captures 9th rare white elephant
In a picture taken on Aug. 17, 2013 a caretaker feeds a white elephant at a shelter in Naypyidaw. Kings. / YE AUNG THU, AFP/Getty Images RANGOON,Burma (AP) - Burma says it has found a rare, white elephant in the jungles of the western Ayeyarwaddy region.(3/1/2015 3:21:08 AM)
Reunions and Ransoms in Burma: Digital Connections Among the Rohingya
The Rohingya have suffered years of persecution in Burma. Rohingya Muslims are denied full citizenship, their movements restricted, their prospects grim. In one internal-displacement camp set up for the Rohingya in western Burma, in a makeshift Internet hut, the Reuters photographer Minzayar captured a series of intimate and heartbreaking portraits of families as they contact loved ones and ...(3/1/2015 1:19:57 PM)
WorldViews: Why a Buddhist-majority nation marginalizes its Muslim minority
Burma's Rohingya problem.(2/13/2015 3:30:38 AM)
WorldViews: Why does this Buddhist-majority nation hate these Muslims so much?
Burma's Rohingya problem.(2/13/2015 3:30:38 AM)
Burma declares martial law in region
Burma's President Thein Sein has declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law in a region near the Chinese border after more than 70 people were killed in fighting between the Burmese army and a rebel group.(2/18/2015 8:39:58 AM)
Why is Burma declaring state of emergency in troubled Kokang region?
Burma's president declares a state of emergency in the Kokang region and imposes a three-month period of martial law, hours after a Red Cross convoy comes under attack.(2/18/2015 11:33:56 AM)
Thousands of Refugees Are Pouring Into China to Escape Fighting in Burma
Hopes for a prolonged truce appear to be fading in the war-torn nation(2/18/2015 3:36:09 AM)
Drug-resistant malaria poised to cross into India
Resistance to vital antimalarial drugs called artemisinins has spread across Burma to the Indian border. If not contained, it could ultimately hit Africa hard(2/25/2015 2:12:23 PM)
Our Burmese days
In the past, Burma (Myanmar) had always been a verboten destination. Military repression in decades of general’s rule on Burmese people was a reason not to visit.(2/13/2015 5:27:54 PM)
Burma informs China of fighting with Kokang ethnic rebels
YANGON, Burma (AP) — Burma state media says the government has informed China after a flare up in fighting between troops and ethnic Kokang rebels near border that left 47 government soldiers dead and 73 wounded.(2/12/2015 10:50:12 PM)
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