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Can I visit Burma independently?
Gill Charlton, our Burma expert, offers advice on driving into the country from Thailand(10/30/2014 5:52:52 AM)
Aung San Suu Kyi meets with Burma's president in milestone talks
Former military commander Thein Sein greets political rival as Barack Obama, soon to visit, calls for fair election in 2015 Burmas president, Thein Sein, has opened unprecedented talks with Aung San Suu Kyi and other political rivals as Barack Obama called for inclusive and credible elections in the country in 2015. Thein Sein and Aung San Suu Kyi walked into the meeting together on Thursday to ...(10/31/2014 1:09:06 AM)
Volokh Conspiracy: Buddhist nationalist group in Burma calls for restrictions on interfaith marriage
"'A lot of Buddhist people are afraid their Buddhist religion will disappear if the Muslim population grows. Our Buddhist monks are worried the Muslim population will influence the country,' the [Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP)] lawmaker Pe Than said."(10/30/2014 1:05:09 PM)
Burma’s president, army chief meet Suu Kyi
NAYPYITAW, Burma/Myanmar (AP) — Burma''s president is holding a rare meeting with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi that also includes the country's political and military heavyweights.(10/31/2014 12:39:52 AM)
Us, Uk Embassies Urge Govt Inquiry Into Journalist’s Killing
RANGOON : The embassies of the United States and Britain have called on the Burmese government to launch a transparent investigation into the recent killing of a local journalist by the Burma Army.(10/29/2014 9:52:37 PM)
Burma’s president, army chief to meet Suu Kyi
YANGON, Burma/Myanmar (AP) — Burma President Thein Sein and commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing will jointly meet opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi for the first time Friday, less than two weeks before the arrival of President Barack Obama and other world leaders.(10/29/2014 9:24:58 PM)
Missing since Sept. 30, Burmese journalist dies in custody of Army
A FREELANCE journalist in Burma who had been reported missing since Sept. 30 had died while in the custody of the Burmese Army. The Army’s story: A suspected rebel and was shot while trying to grab a soldier’s weapon. Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres or RSF) on Thursday said that journalist Aung Kyaw Naing, […](10/30/2014 8:05:18 PM)
Burma: Government plan would segregate Rohingya
The forced resettlement of the Rohingya and the discriminatory citizenship process they face creates dangers, says Human Rights Watch. A draft government plan would entrench discriminatory policies that deprive Rohingya Muslims in Burma of... (Visited 236 times, 18 visits this week) The post Burma: Government plan would segregate Rohingya appeared first on ALIRAN .(10/18/2014 5:02:23 AM)
Burma jails 3 journalists for leadership report
YANGON, Burma (AP) — A Burma court has sentenced a media owner, publisher and three journalists to two years in prison in the latest ruling to raise concerns about press freedoms in the country emerging from military rule.(10/17/2014 1:25:02 AM)
Can debauchery unite Burma’s Buddhists and Muslims?
TAUNGBYON, BURMA—With his right hand encrusted in heavy gold rings, his hair in a ponytail and traces of makeup visible around his eyes and cheeks, the man gestures at the heavens, then himself. He’s talking religion, and he’s vaguely annoyed. Explaining the complex relationship between Buddhism, Islam and spirit worship in Burma to a foreigner isn’t easy. But if anyone can do it, he can. His ...(10/26/2014 8:37:04 AM)
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