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Afghanistan: Awash in Guns, as Well as Narcotics
Contrary to law, U.S. military lacks data on nearly half the weapons delivered(7/28/2014 12:10:23 AM)
U.S., Afghanistan fail to track U.S.-supplied small arms: watchdog
The U.S. government has failed to effectively track many of the more than 465,000 light weapons it has supplied to Afghanistan's army and police, creating the risk that machine guns and other small arms could fall into insurgent hands, a U.S. watchdog said on Monday. A report from the office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), an independent U.S. government ...(7/28/2014 1:56:28 PM)
Gunmen kill 15 civilians travelling in central Afghanistan
Suspected Taliban gunmen stopped two vehicles in central Afghanistan and shot dead 15 passengers at the side of the road, officials said Friday, in the latest attack to highlight the growing civilian toll from violence. Only one man escaped the execution-style killing in Ghor province when the armed attackers gunned down 11 men, three women and one child. "They ordered all passengers to stand in ...(7/25/2014 12:52:43 PM)
Taxpayer billion$ blown fighting Afghanistan War - Report: US loses track of thousands of firearms given to Afghan ...
Another day, another report of rampant waste of U.S. taxpayer money in the effort to rebuild Afghanistan.(7/28/2014 3:39:08 PM)
Allowing Afghanistan's future to be hijacked
Are Afghans being sent the message that there is no point in democracy?(7/26/2014 7:24:29 AM)
Attacks across Afghanistan kill at least 15, election recount paused
Assaults in three Afghan provinces killed at least 15 people Saturday, while remarks by a Taliban leader seemed to indicate fighting will continue as long as the US has a presence in the country.(7/26/2014 1:34:02 PM)
Taliban attack Afghan police chief's home
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban insurgents attacked the home of a well-known provincial police chief in restive southern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing a civilian and a border policeman before being shot dead by police, officials said.(7/27/2014 5:05:11 AM)
Lost in Afghanistan: U.S. can’t track weapons it sends
The Pentagon has shipped Afghan security forces tens of thousands of excessive AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons since 2004 and many have gone missing, raising concerns that they’ve fallen… Click to Continue »(7/28/2014 7:04:58 PM)
Suicide bomber kills Afghan president's cousin
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A powerful cousin of Afghan President Hamid Karzai was assassinated by a suicide bomber hiding explosives in his cap on Tuesday, a provincial official said.(7/29/2014 9:07:43 AM)
2 Finnish aid workers killed in Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Gunmen riding on a motorcycle opened fire and killed two Finnish women aid workers in the western Afghan city of Herat on Thursday, officials said, the latest in a series of attacks on foreign civilians that has rattled aid workers, contractors and journalists.(7/24/2014 10:17:11 AM)
Source: Yahoo