United States Perlite Production by Year

Unit of Measure
Metric tons

Source: United States Geological Survey (USGS) Minerals Resources Program

Note: Check source table for details and footnotes

YearProductionUnit of Measure% Change
2003493000Metric tonsNA
2004508000Metric tons3.04 %
2005508000Metric tons0.00 %
2006454000Metric tons-10.63 %
2007409000Metric tons-9.91 %
2008434000Metric tons6.11 %
2009348000Metric tons-19.82 %
2010414000Metric tons18.97 %
2011420000Metric tons1.45 %
2012393000Metric tons-6.43 %
2013419000Metric tons6.62 %