United States Lead Production by Year

Unit of Measure
Metric tons, lead content

Source: United States Geological Survey (USGS) Minerals Resources Program

Note: Check source table for details and footnotes

YearProductionUnit of Measure% Change
2003460000Metric tons, lead contentNA
2004445000Metric tons, lead content-3.26 %
2005437000Metric tons, lead content-1.80 %
2006429000Metric tons, lead content-1.83 %
2007444000Metric tons, lead content3.50 %
2008410000Metric tons, lead content-7.66 %
2009406000Metric tons, lead content-0.98 %
2010369000Metric tons, lead content-9.11 %
2011342000Metric tons, lead content-7.32 %
2012345000Metric tons, lead content0.88 %