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Political parties and leaders: 14 March Coalition:
Democratic Left Movement or DLM [Elias ATALLAH]
Future Movement Bloc [Sa'ad al-HARIRI]
Kata'ib Party [Sami GEMAYEL]
Lebanese Forces [Samir JA'JA]
Marada Movement [Sulayman FRANJIEH]
Social Democratic Hunchakian Party [Hagop DIKRANIAN]
8 March Coalition:
Amal Movement [Nabih BERRI]
Free Patriotic Movement [Gibran BASSIL]
Lebanese Democratic Party [Emir Talal ARSLAN]
Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc [Mohammad RA'AD] (includes Hizballah [Hassan NASRALLAH])
Marada Movement [Sulayman FRANJIEH]
Syrian Ba'th Party [Abdel Mouin GHAZI]
Syrian Social Nationalist Party [Ali QANSO]

Independent: Metn Bloc [Michel MURR]
Progressive Socialist Party or PSP [Walid JUNBLATT]
Tashnag or ARF [Hagop DHATCHERIAN]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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