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Political parties and leaders: Albanian Christian Democratic Party of Kosovo or PSHDK [Uke BERISHA]
Alliance for a New Kosovo or AKR [Behgjet PACOLLI]
Alliance for the Future of Kosovo or AAK [Ramush HARADINAJ]
Ashkali Party for Integration or PAI
Bosniak Party of Democratic Action of Kosovo or BSDAK
Citizens' Initiative of Gora or GIG [Murselj HALJILJI]
Civic Initiative for Kosovo or NISMA [Fatmir LIMAJ]
Conservative Party of Kosovo or PK [Munir BASHA]
Democratic Action Party or SDA [Numan BALIC]
Democratic League of Dardania or LDD [Nexhat DACI]
Democratic League of Kosovo or LDK [Isa MUSTAFA]
Democratic Party of Ashkali of Kosovo or PDAK [Berat QERIMI]
Democratic Party of Kosovo or PDK [Hashim THACI]
Independent Liberal Party or SLS [Slobadan PETROVIC]
Justice Party of Kosovo or PD (formerly part of the Coalition for New Kosovo or KKR) [Ferid AGANI]
Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party or KDTP [Mahir YAGCILAR]
Movement for Self-Determination (Vetevendosje) or VV [Albin KURTI]
Movement for Unification or LB [Avni KLINAKU]
National Democratic Party of Albania or PNDSH [Bujar ABDULLAHU]
New Democratic Initiative of Kosovo or IRDK [Xhevdet NEZIRAJ]
New Democratic Party or NDS [Predrag JOVIC]
Serb People's Party or SNS [Mihailo SCEPANOVIC]
Serb People's Party of Kosovo or SNPK
Serbian Democratic Party of Kosovo and Metohija or SDSKiM [Sasa DJOKIC]
Serbian Kosovo and Metohija Party or SKMS [Dragisa MIRIC]
Serbian List [Aleksandar JABLANOVIC]
Serbian National Council of Northern Kosovo and Metohija or SNV [Milan IVANOVIC]
Serbian Social Democratic Party or SSDS
Social Democratic Party of Kosovo or PSDK
Socialist Party of Kosovo or PSK [Ilaz KADOLLI]
Turkish Democratic Party of Kosovo or KDTP [Mahir YAGCILAR]
Union of Independent Social Democrats of Kosovo and Metohija or SNSKiM [Ljubisa ZIVIC]
United Roma Party of Kosovo or PREBK [Haxhi Zylfi MERXHA]
United Serb List or JSL
Vakat Coalition or VAKAT [Sadik IDRIZI]
a coalition formed for the 2014 parliamentary elections included, the PDK, PD, LB, PSHDK, and PK

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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