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Political parties and leaders: Center-right coalition [Silvio BERLUSCONI]:
People of Freedom or PdL [Silvio BERLUSCONI]
Northern League or LN [Roberto MARONI]
Brothers of Italy or Fdl [Giorgia MELONI and Ignazio LA RUSSA]
The Right or LD [Francesco STORACE]
other minor parties

Italy Common Good (Center-Left) [Pier Luigi BERSANI]:
Democratic Party or PD [Pier Luigi BERSANI]
Left Ecology Freedom or SEL [Nichi VENDOLA]
Italian Socialist Party or PSI [Riccardo NENCINI]
Democratic Centre or CD [Bruno TABACCI and Massimo DONADI]
South Tyrolean People's Party or SVP [Luis DURNWALDER]

With Monti for Italy (Centrist):
Civic Choice or SC [Mario MONTI]
Union of the Center or UdC [Pier Ferdinando CASINI]
Future and Freedom for Italy or FLI [Gianfranco FINI]

other coalitions and parties:
Civil Revolution or RC [Antonio INGROIA]
Act to Stop the Decline or FiD [Oscar GIANNINO]
Five Star Movment or M5S [Beppe GRILLO]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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