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Political parties and leaders: Ruling left-center-right coalition:
Civic Choice or SC [Enrico ZANETTI]
Democratic Centre or CD [Bruno TABACCI]
Democratic Party or PD [Matteo RENZI]
The New Center-Right or NCD [Angelino ALFANO]
Union of the Center or UdC [Pier Fernando CASINI]

Center-right opposition:
Brothers of Italy-National Alliance or FdI-AN [Giorgia MELONI, Ignazio LA RUSSA, and Guido CROSETTO]
Forza Italia [Silvio BERLUSCONI] (formerly PdL)
Northern League or LN [Matteo SALVINI]
other minor parties

Other parties:
Civil Revolution or RC [Antonio INGROIA]
Five Star Movment or M5S [Beppe GRILLO]
South Tyrolean People's Party or SVP [Philipp ACHAMMER]

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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