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Capitalenome: Kuala Lumpur; note - Putrajaya is referred to as an administrative center not the capital; Parliament meets in Kuala Lumpur
coordinate geografiche: 3 10 N, 101 42 E
differenza di tempo: UTC+8 (13 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
Indipendenza31 Agosto 1957 (from the UK)
Festa nazionaleGiorno Di Indipendenza 31 Agosto (1957) (independence of Malaya); Malaysia Day 16 Settembre (1963) (formation of Malaysia)
Costituzioneprevious 1948; latest drafted 21 Febbraio 1957, effective 27 Agosto 1957; amended many times, last in 2007 (2010)
Suffragio21 anni; universal
Ramo esecutivocapo dello stato: King Tuanku ABDUL HALIM Mu'adzam Shah (selected on 13 December 2011; installed on 11 April 2012); the position of the king is primarily ceremonial
capo di governo: Prime Minister Mohamed NAJIB bin Abdul Najib Razak (da allora 3 April 2009); Deputy Prime Minister MUHYIDDIN bin Mohamed Yassin (da allora 9 April 2009)
cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the prime minister from among the members of Parliament with consent of the king
elections: kings are elected by and from the hereditary rulers of nine of the states for five-year terms; selection is based on the principle of rotation among rulers of states; elections were last held on 14 October 2011 (next to be held in 2016); prime ministers are designated from among the members of the House of Representatives; following legislative elections, the leader who commands the support of the majority of members in the House becomes prime minister (da allora independence this has been the leader of the UMNO party)
election results: Tuanku ABDUL HALIM Mu'adzam Shah elected king by fellow hereditary rulers of nine states; Mohamed NAJIB bin Abdul Najib Razak was sworn in as prime minister the day after his National Front (BN) coalition won a majority of seats during the 5 May 2013 national election; NAJIB was re-elected uncontested as UMNO president on 19 October 2013

Fonte: CIA World Factbook - Aggiornato a partire da Marzo 31, 2015