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Ramo esecutivo: capo dello stato: Presidente Nursultan Abishuly NAZARBAYEV (chairman of the Supreme Soviet from 22 February 1990, elected president 1 December 1991)
capo di governo: Prime Minister Karim MASIMOV (da allora 2 April 2014); First Deputy Prime Minister Bakytzhan SAGINTAYEV (da allora 16 January 2013); Deputy Prime Ministers Gulshara ABDYKALIKOVA (da allora 28 November 2013), Aset ISEKESHEV (da allora 25 September 2012); Bakyt SULTANOV (da allora 6 November 2013)
cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president
elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term; election last held on 3 April 2011 (next to be held in 2016); prime minister and deputy prime ministers appointed by the president, with Mazhilis approval; note - constitutional amendments of May 2007 shortened the presidential term from seven years to five years and established a two-consecutive-term limit; NAZARBAYEV has official status as the "First Presidente of Kazakhstan" and is allowed unlimited terms
note: constitutional amendments of February 2011 moved election date from 2012 to April 2011 but kept five-year term; subsequent election to take place in 2016
election results: Nursultan Abishuly NAZARBAYEV reelected president; percent of vote - Nursultan Abishuly NAZARBAYEV 95.5%, other 4.5%

Fonte: CIA World Factbook - Aggiornato a partire da Marzo 31, 2015

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