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Ramo esecutivo: capo dello stato: Presidente Barack H. OBAMA (da allora 20 January 2009); Vice Presidente Joseph R. BIDEN (da allora 20 January 2009)
capo di governo: Governor John DeJONGH (da allora 1 January 2007)
cabinet: NA
elections: under the US Constitution, residents of unincorporated territories, such as the Virgin Islands, do not vote in elections for US president and vice president; however, they may vote in the Democratic and Republican presidential primary elections; governor and lieutenant governor elected on the same ticket by popular vote for four-year terms (eligible for a second term); election last held on 2 November 2010 (next to be held in November 2014)
election results: John DeJONGH reelected governor; percent of vote - John DeJONGH 56.3%, Kenneth MAPP 43.6%

Fonte: CIA World Factbook - Aggiornato a partire da Marzo 31, 2015

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