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Disputes - internationalIraq's lack of a maritime boundary with Iran prompts jurisdiction disputes beyond the mouth of the Shatt al Arab in the Persian Gulf; Turkey has expressed concern over the autonomous status of Kurds in Iraq
Refugees and internally displaced personsrefugees (country of origin): 15,496 (Turkey); 9,992 (West Bank and Gaza Strip); 7,992 (Iran) (2013); 225,475 (Syria) (2014)
IDPs: 1.545 million (since 2006 from ethno-sectarian violence) (2014)
stateless persons: 120,000 (2012); note - in the 1970s and 1980s under SADDAM Husayn's administration, thousands of Iraq's Faili Kurds, followers of Shia Islam, were stripped of their Iraqi citizenship, had their property seized by the government, and many were deported; some Faili Kurds had their citizenship reinstated under the 2006 Iraqi Nationality Law, but others lack the documentation to prove their Iraqi origins; some Palestinian refugees, who were also persecuted under the SADDAM Husayn regime, still remain stateless in Iraq

Source: CIA World Factbook
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