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RankCountryOil - exports (bbl/day)
1Saudi Arabia7,635,000
4United Arab Emirates2,395,000
10United States1,920,000
19United Kingdom1,311,000
20Korea, South1,100,000

Definition: This entry is the total oil exported in barrels per day (bbl/day), including both crude oil and oil products.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2012

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Saudi Arabia Exports 20% of the World’s Oil
24/7 Wall ST - 1/25/2015 9:19:20 AM
Of the OPEC countries the Saudis account for a third of all cartel exports. The destination countries ... Second, that any exports of crude oil from the U.S. will have essentially no long-term impact on world oil markets especially given that its proved ...

Counter OPEC’s power by boosting American crude oil exports
Your Houston News - 1/24/2015 9:23:30 PM
Of OPEC's 12 member countries ... depends "primarily on the world price of crude oil, which would decline slightly once lower-priced U.S. crudes were available in the international market." If Congress lifts the ban, crude exports could add 300,000 ...

For Saudis, Falling Demand for Oil Is the Biggest Concern
Bloomberg - 1/26/2015 3:48:52 AM
With costs falling for clean energy and international attention focused on slowing climate change, the Saudis are more worried that the world is inching closer to peak demand. Among industrialized countries ... to free up more oil for export as the ...

Why Venezuela Is The 'Most Miserable' Country In The World, Again
Yahoo Finance - 1/23/2015 10:07:38 PM
Venezuela is the most miserable country in world. And it is because the country's situation ... dire one over the last year — even in the last few months. Oil makes up 95% of the country's exports and the price of the commodity has fallen by more than ...

Algeria lifts oil production, may tap shale gas - 1/25/2015 11:38:19 PM
... country is believed to hold the third largest shale gas reserves in the world. Oil and gas currently account for about 97 percent of the total value of the country’s exports. Algeria is the leading natural gas producer in Africa and the second ...

Germany halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia – World leaders pay respects on day of mourning
Kuwait Times - 1/25/2015 9:43:47 PM
BERLIN/RIYADH: Germany has decided to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia because of "instability ... It is a recognition of the Islamic kingdom's power as the world's leading oil exporter, a political heavyweight in a region threatened by extremist violence ...

Eight countries that win and lose big from oil plunge
USA Today - 12/16/2014 4:47:38 PM
Its oil and other energy exports total approximately $300 billion annually ... Lower oil prices may help him succeed. The world's most populous country is the second-largest consumer of oil after the USA. It races through about 10 million barrels of ...

Oil Prices Force Russia Into Evasive Action
Forbes - 1/26/2015 4:03:11 AM
And the general fragility of the Russian economy on account of weak oil prices. Nearly 70% of Russian export revenues are from oil and ... Last week, Medvedev said Russia’s anti-crisis measures are the country’s top priority. The new budget would ...

Exports seen to fuel Philippines GDP growth to 6.3% in Q4 – Barclays
Philstar - 1/25/2015 11:56:48 AM
“With exports improving ... of coconut oil, cathodes and sections of cathodes, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, woodcrafts and furniture, among others. Shipments of electronic products, which made up 49 percent of the country’s exports ...

Lifting ban on crude oil exports could improve U.S. energy independence: Opinion
New Jersey Online - 1/15/2015 5:59:25 PM
And for several member countries, that's true. OPEC member Iran needs oil prices to stay upwards ... for Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports, why not ours? Restoring the right to trade freely with the rest of the world could help keep the American shale ...

World commodities
Dawn - 1/26/2015 2:01:29 AM
Opec’s 12 members, which supply about 40pc of the world’s oil ... report January 16. Oil export losses for major Middle East crude producers are likely to total $300bn this year but large cash buffers are allowing the countries to absorb most of ...

Mena energy subsidies fall by $60bn
The National - 1/25/2015 7:20:37 PM
Energy subsidies in the Mena region have fallen by US$60 billion and could continue to decline should oil ... the world’s biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas, last year raised the price of diesel by 50 per cent. Kuwait, the only Gulf country ...

Who Will Rule the Oil Market?
New York Times - 1/22/2015 11:56:12 PM
One was the growing consumption in the developing world, led by China. Another was turmoil in Libya, South Sudan and other countries that reduced ... is also at risk. The oil sector represents 95 percent of export earnings and 75 percent of government ...

US works to ease Caribbean dependence on Venezuelan oil
The Modesto Bee - 1/25/2015 6:34:41 AM
A decade-long addiction to oil subsidized by Venezuela ... multilateral financing agencies such as the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank. The focus will be on exploring ways to help Caribbean countries convert diesel-powered energy plants ...

Weak global economy dampens EAC oil hopes
Spy Ghana - 1/25/2015 2:12:49 PM
Currently the region’s exports are ... Uganda’s oil discovery is estimated at 2.5 billion barrels, according to the International Energy Agency; while Tullow, a major investor in Kenya’s oil, estimates the country’s reserves at above 600 million ...

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