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RankCountryTotal fertility rate (children born/woman)
6Burkina Faso6.07
9Congo, Republic of the5.59
15East Timor5.32
17Congo, Democratic Republic of the5.09
21Sao Tome and Principe4.94
23Sierra Leone4.9
24Equatorial Guinea4.83
28Central African Republic4.57
29Gaza Strip4.57
36Western Sahara4.22
39Gambia, The4.1
43Cote d'Ivoire3.82
48Solomon Islands3.51
49Papua New Guinea3.39
50Marshall Islands3.37

Definition: This entry gives a figure for the average number of children that would be born per woman if all women lived to the end of their childbearing years and bore children according to a given fertility rate at each age. The total fertility rate (TFR) is a more direct measure of the level of fertility than the crude birth rate, since it refers to births per woman. This indicator shows the potential for population change in the country. A rate of two children per woman is considered the replacement rate for a population, resulting in relative stability in terms of total numbers. Rates above two children indicate populations growing in size and whose median age is declining. Higher rates may also indicate difficulties for families, in some situations, to feed and educate their children and for women to enter the labor force. Rates below two children indicate populations decreasing in size and growing older. Global fertility rates are in general decline and this trend is most pronounced in industrialized countries, especially Western Europe, where populations are projected to decline dramatically over the next 50 years.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2012

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