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RankCountryPopulation growth rate (%)
3South Sudan4.12
11Burkina Faso3.05
13Gaza Strip2.91
15Western Sahara2.89
21United Arab Emirates2.71
27Turks and Caicos Islands2.58
28Equatorial Guinea2.54
30Congo, Democratic Republic of the2.5
35East Timor2.44
36British Virgin Islands2.36
37Sierra Leone2.33
42Gambia, The2.23
45Cayman Islands2.14
46Central African Republic2.13
48Solomon Islands2.07

Definition: The average annual percent change in the population, resulting from a surplus (or deficit) of births over deaths and the balance of migrants entering and leaving a country. The rate may be positive or negative. The growth rate is a factor in determining how great a burden would be imposed on a country by the changing needs of its people for infrastructure (e.g., schools, hospitals, housing, roads), resources (e.g., food, water, electricity), and jobs. Rapid population growth can be seen as threatening by neighboring countries.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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