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RankCountryHIV/AIDS - deaths
1South Africa310,000
12Cote d'Ivoire36,000
18United States17,000

Definition: This entry gives an estimate of the number of adults and children who died of AIDS during a given calendar year.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2012

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Report: Pollution is the Leading Cause of Death in the Developing World
Triple Pundit - 1/29/2015 5:11:12 AM
GAHP’s findings are based on World Health Organization data on global deaths from polluted air ... tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS have made significant improvements in the health of developing countries’ residents. The U.S. and other wealthy nations have ...

Pollution Blamed as Leading Cause of Death in Developing World
Environmental News Network - 1/28/2015 8:47:08 AM
The Silent Killer of Millions in Poor Countries. That’s almost three times more deaths than those caused by malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined: Malaria claimed 600,000 lives in 2012, HIV/AIDS caused 1.5 million deaths and tuberculosis killed ...

World backs India against ‘bully’ US
Times of India - 1/25/2015 2:45:37 AM
This petition has gathered over 870,000 signatures from across the world both from developing and developed countries ... diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, cancer and diabetes, which are among the biggest causes of death and suffering."

A peep into Zambia’s mortality trends
Times of Zambia - 1/24/2015 3:32:45 PM
Today, fewer people are dying from measles and diarrheal diseases in Zambia, according to a new, comprehensive analysis of trend data from 188 countries ... were HIV/AIDS related, malaria and pneumonia, accounting for 41 per cent of all deaths in 2013.

Uganda: How Countries Can Best Manage Global Fund Aid
AllAfrica - 1/26/2015 5:43:24 AM
With 140,000 new HIV cases annually and 63,000 deaths due to the virus by 2012, Uganda is among the HIV/Aids high-burden ... to help low-income countries fight the disease. This pool is known as the Global Fund and is the world's largest public health ...

Doctor From Botswana Becomes First Female Head of WHO For Africa
Ventures - 1/27/2015 11:57:25 PM
Described by the Time magazine as “reform-minded, Dr Moeti said she will also help countries in their efforts to make faster progress in reducing deaths among mothers and children and tackling HIV/AIDS ... Africa and the world need.”

“Asia-Pacific can lead the world to end the AIDS epidemic”
Scoop - 1/27/2015 6:18:00 AM
Now, 15 years later, new HIV infections are down significantly worldwide, while access to treatment has cut the number of AIDS-related deaths by more than a third ... the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the United Nations Development ...

Modern Ghana - 1/29/2015 12:17:43 AM
Which include death of military personnel’s which are the direct results of battle or other military war time actions as well as the death of civilians which are the results of war induced epidemics and famines. The second world war for instance involved ...

Empowering Girls in the Worst Countries for Gender Equality
The Huffington Post - 1/21/2015 2:28:53 AM
The World Economic ... of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Give women better contraceptive options, and they will be able to make better choices, helping to combat unsafe abortions and conditions like the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Asia-Pacific Can Lead World To End AIDS Epidemic – OpEd
Eurasia Review - 1/26/2015 6:47:49 AM
Now, 15 years later, new HIV infections are down significantly worldwide, while access to treatment has cut the number of AIDS-related deaths by more than a third ... the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the United Nations Development ...

WHO appoints Moeti as Africa regional director - 1/28/2015 2:59:22 PM
The World Health Organisation (WHO ... Moeti stated that she will also be helping countries in their efforts to fast-track progress made in reducing deaths among mothers and children and tackling HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected topical ...

Elucidating the origin of MDR tuberculosis strains
Medical Xpress - 1/29/2015 12:35:01 PM
The disease is responsible for nearly one million-and-a-half deaths each year, and strains of the infective ... This decline ended in the late 1980s, and was related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the onset of multidrug resistance. This study has also ...

Three Global Health Threats
Mareeg - 1/29/2015 12:46:21 AM
The world continues to grapple with HIV/AIDS, which has already caused more than 40 million deaths and infects a similar number of people today, with 95% of the epidemic’s victims living in developing countries. Only when HIV/AIDS began to gain traction ...

What's eating sub-Saharan Africa?
Al JAZEERA - 1/27/2015 11:32:58 AM
Around the world - but especially in developing countries - meat, milk ... In sub-Saharan Africa, the high incidence of HIV/AIDS leaves many especially vulnerable to dying from diseases like tuberculosis that otherwise would be relatively mild or at ...

Developing Nations Write Hopeful New Chapters in a Toxic Legacy
Inter Press Service - 1/27/2015 8:36:59 PM
Top Ten Countries Turning the Corner on Toxic Pollution notes that pollution kills more than 8.9 million people around the world each ... related deaths, almost three times more deaths than malaria and 14 times more deaths than HIV/AIDS.

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