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RankCountryHIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS
3United States1,200,000
9Congo, Democratic Republic of the481,500
10Cote d'Ivoire450,000

Definition: This entry gives an estimate of all people (adults and children) alive at yearend with HIV infection, whether or not they have developed symptoms of AIDS.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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Sixteen years ago, the last time Durban hosted this conference, the global HIV/AIDS picture was far more bleak: 34.3 million people living with HIV/AIDS around the world, along with ... and agreed to provide the country with financial assistance to ...

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But this is no ordinary beauty contest; a Ugandan network for young people living with HIV/AIDS is using the event to promote awareness ... Western and Eastern parts of the country. Kentusi Stella, Executive Director of the National Forum of People Living ...

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While considerable global attention, is on increasing availability and access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), these efforts ... with HIV live in low- and middle-income countries of sub-Saharan Africa, where access ...

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According to UNAIDS, Zimbabwe ranks fifth among countries with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in sub-Saharan Africa. About 1.4 million people are living with the disease ... of LGBTI communities around the world. She was also awarded the prestigious ...

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GENEVA — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is calling on governments to provide migrants with preventive care and treatment for HIV/AIDS ... of people living with HIV has increased in the last 10 years in high-income countries in ...

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Some people living with HIV/AIDS say it is now difficult to take prescribed antiretroviral drugs without getting adequate food Some international organizations like the World Food Program ... may need of food aid in the country with a huge grain deficit.

National Aids Memorial Commemorates 25 Years Of Remembrance, Healing And Hope With Ceremony Honoring Long-time Supporters
Yahoo Finance - 9/21/2016 8:01:54 PM
"Today, this memorial has evolved into a national treasure for our entire country to remember ... According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS with an estimated 35 million people ...

African Countries With The Highest HIV/AIDS Prevalence- Poverty, Crime And Prostitution - 6/7/2015 11:59:33 PM
With the accommodation of enlightenment, The 2010 UNAIDS reports that the rate of new infections has reduced in 22 countries ... people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa with about 171 733 deaths, making it the highest prevalent rate in the world.

Central Africa: New World Bank Grant to Fight HIV/Aids in Africa's Great Lakes Region
AllAfrica - 3/14/2005 11:53:20 PM
Washington, DC — The World Bank ... fight against HIV/AIDS in the six countries of the Great Lakes region-- Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda--which are home to more than six million people living with HIV/AIDS ...

Top Ten Countries With HIV - 9/15/2015 11:55:29 PM
there were almost 37 million people around the world living with HIV/AIDS in 2014. The spread of HIV encompasses every country, but several sub-Saharan African nations have been the hardest hit, including Swaziland, South Africa and Lesotho. Depending on ...

Eradicating Discrimination Against People Living with HIV/AIDS - 12/2/2015 8:42:46 PM
“The Department of Justice is firmly committed to eradicating discrimination against people living with ... living with HIV/AIDS, painful stigma and discrimination continue to permeate their daily lives. As citizens and countries around the world ...

Forging a brighter future for disabled children living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya
The World Bank - 11/25/2014 11:03:17 PM
In 2012, an estimated 1.6 million people were living with HIV and roughly 57,000 people died from AIDS-related illnesses. Since 2007, the World Bank's Total ... who opened a school for disabled children living with HIV/AIDS in Samburu.

Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Supporting People Living with HIV/AIDS
The White House President Barack Obama - 5/30/2016 12:58:45 PM
reducing stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. Support the President’s Ambitious Goals for to Address Global AIDS. On World AIDS Day 2011, the President announced ambitious new targets for the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS that ...

Only 700,000 persons have access to HIV/AIDs treatment - 9/16/2016 1:41:17 PM
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), an NGO, says no fewer than 3.4 million people are living with HIV and AIDS ... profit HIV and AIDS organisation in the world providing health care to over 650,000 patients in 36 countries. AHF Nigeria has been operating ...

Health Ministry says steps taken to give free medication to HIV/AIDS patients - 9/24/2016 9:35:34 AM
Meanwhile, the Health Ministry said that 2436 individuals have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the country. According to statistics from the year 2015, 36.7 million people around the world have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

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