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RankCountryHIV/AIDS - people living with HIV/AIDS
3United States1,200,000
9Congo, Democratic Republic of the481,500
10Cote d'Ivoire450,000

Definition: This entry gives an estimate of all people (adults and children) alive at yearend with HIV infection, whether or not they have developed symptoms of AIDS.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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Nigerians With Mental Illness Outnumber Those Living With HIV/AIDS – Experts - 10/10/2016 7:32:12 PM
She expressed concern that more attention was being paid to people living with HIV/AIDS than those with mental health. She said that the devastating effects of insurgent attacks and other crises across the country ... “The world is going through crises ...

Virtual Environments to Support People Living with HIV - 10/24/2016 8:09:53 AM
The World Bank Economic Review, 7 (2), May [6] Department of Health. The 2005 HIV Antenatal Provincial & Area Surveys: Western Cape. ISBN: , Available: [7] FAO. Living well with HIV/Aids. A manual on nutritional care and support for people living with HIV ...

56,000 people living with HIV in Sudan: WHO
Sudan Tribune - 10/24/2016 4:42:17 AM
October 23, 2016 (KHARTOUM) - The World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday said that there around 56,000 people living with HIV in ... Sudan has been combating HIV/AIDS since 1987, after the country’s first AIDS case was reported in 1986.

‘Amend HIV/AIDS Bill for better access to treatment’
The Hindu - 10/20/2016 12:29:20 AM
We want free and complete treatment to be a right,” said Daisy David, advocacy associate, World Vision India, during a press meet on Tuesday. People living with HIV/AIDS and representatives ... drugs in many parts of the country, and this could ...

Ghana Aids Commission adopts strategic plan to end HIV/AIDS
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation - 10/18/2016 9:21:25 AM
GBC’s George Asekere and Pearl Ollennu report that currently 82,199 HIV/AIDS patients are on treatment out of a figure of 264,660 people living with the disease in the country.

People in Africa are living longer but lifestyle diseases are rising
Newstime Africa - 10/10/2016 5:59:09 PM
This means that as countries increase ... of the population live in urban areas and the average age is about 19. Just over 8 million people died in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015. More than half of these deaths was due to malaria, HIV/AIDS, maternal and ...

WFP Djibouti Country Brief, September 2016
ReliefWeb - 10/21/2016 4:05:53 PM
People living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral treatment and TB patients on direct ... most of them continuing their journey to other countries. Despite the ongoing conflict in Yemen, UNHCR has not reported any new influx of refugees in recent months.

Health and the SDGs in a Real World Setting - 10/13/2016 2:28:00 PM
MSF was supporting over 220,000 people on ART in 19 countries. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and global health experts agree that the convergence of new treatment models and affordable treatment has brought the world to a critical ...

Sichuan university introduces vending machines selling discounted HIV test kits to combat rising infection rates
Shanghaiist - 10/24/2016 8:24:12 AM
According to a 2015 report by UNAIDS, the number of people living ... the prevention of HIV/AIDS, calling on other countries to help search for a cure and curb the spread of the disease. Peng Liyuan also serves as a World Health Association ambassador ...

Zimbabweans Living With HIV/AIDS Facing Serious Food Shortages - 2/15/2016 9:01:11 PM
Some people living with HIV/AIDS say it is now difficult to take prescribed antiretroviral drugs without getting adequate food Some international organizations like the World Food Program ... may need of food aid in the country with a huge grain deficit.

Agencies fight HIV/AIDS in Anambra
The Nation - 10/13/2016 11:17:43 PM
The meeting was aimed at strengthening the state’s coordination and prevention of HIV/AIDS in various health facilities in the state to ensure best practices. Mrs. Doris Ekeh, NACA leader from the Abuja World ... Prevention for People Living with HIV ...

HIV/AIDS Afflicts Migrants Living in Wealthy Countries
Voice of America - 12/1/2012 10:45:37 AM
GENEVA — The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is calling on governments to provide migrants with preventive care and treatment for HIV/AIDS ... of people living with HIV has increased in the last 10 years in high-income countries in ...

HIV/AIDS: Nigeria facing anti-retroviral drugs shortage – UN - 10/17/2016 1:47:28 PM
The UNAIDS Country Director, Dr Bilali Camara, on Monday described the situation as an emergency. He said that UNAIDS was discussing with the Federal Ministry of Health, Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and some major donors over the issue.

Close the Mental Health Gap: Learning From HIV/AIDS
Yahoo News - 10/11/2016 4:43:24 AM
Memories of the HIV/AIDS epidemic ... all those living with HIV receive lifesaving solutions. The mental health gap, meanwhile, is one of the world’s most devastating and under-resourced problems, affecting more than 450 million people.

Discrimination Against Persons Living With HIV To Attract Jail Term - 10/19/2016 6:38:35 PM
Those who act in ways deemed to be discriminatory against persons living with HIV/AIDS could serve up to three years in jail ... there were no anti-retroviral drugs in the country. “The doctors said we were going to die so if we have any property ...

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