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RankCountryElectricity - consumption (billion kWh)
2United States3,741
10Korea, South455.1

Definition: This entry consists of total electricity generated annually plus imports and minus exports, expressed in kilowatt-hours. The discrepancy between the amount of electricity generated and/or imported and the amount consumed and/or exported is accounted for as loss in transmission and distribution.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2012

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IEA expects coal consumption in the electric generation sector of the United ... and regulations will undermine the economic status of the developed countries as a part of the overall world economy. If that is the result, policymakers should be following ...

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Much of the increase in the developing world’s energy use comes from population ... But compounding the problem is that energy consumption per person is predicted to rise as well in the developing countries as they grow richer and their citizens covet ...

World Energy Consumption to Increase 56% by 2040 Led by Asia
Bloomberg - 7/25/2013 6:51:40 PM
World energy consumption will rise 56 percent in the next three decades, driven by growth in developing countries such as China and India, the Energy Information Administration said. Demand will increase to 820 quadrillion British thermal units in 2040 ...

Poor Countries Need Relief From Climate Change. They Need Electricity More
Businessweek - 11/25/2013 10:27:53 AM
From a development standpoint, electricity consumption in Africa is depressingly low ... But because use is incredibly skewed, the considerable majority of the world’s countries will have to increase their consumption to meet a 3,000 kwh goal.

World Sets New Oil Production and Consumption Records
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Last month BP (NYSE: BP) released the Statistical Review of World Energy 2014. This report is one of the most comprehensive sources of global and country level statistics on production and consumption of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear power and renewables.

The Most Energy-Efficient Countries
Forbes - 7/7/2008 8:54:00 AM
Next year in Copenhagen, world leaders will assemble and attempt to write ... consumed is likely to be a very energy-efficient economy. Conversely a country with huge energy consumption and relatively little GDP is unlikely to be efficient.

A Look at World Energy Consumption Over the Last 200 Years
Oil Price - 3/12/2012 11:58:19 PM
Between World War II and 1970, there was a huge ramp-up in energy consumption per capita. There are several reasons why this might happen: • During this period, European countries and Japan were rebuilding after World War II. • There was a need to find ...

World will use 56 percent more energy by 2040
The Christian Science Monitor - 7/25/2013 6:37:21 PM
Despite decades of clean-energy innovation and improved efficiency measures, the world's population is consuming carbon-heavy fuels at a quickening pace, a new government report shows. Developing countries are driving the consumption of inexpensive fossil ...

LEDs, Energy Efficiency and Consumption
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With population and economic growth, including much-needed poverty reduction in developing countries, the world’s energy consumption will rise. The issue is by how much and at what cost to the environment and public health. Energy efficiency’s goal isn ...

Germany is #1 in the World for Energy Efficiency
CleanTechnica - 7/20/2014 11:54:53 PM
Germany is #1 in the World ... energy strategy and awarded the country maximum points for its building codes, retrofit policies, and tax credit and loan programs. “Germany’s commitment to creating a framework that encourages investment in energy ...

The 17 Countries Sitting On The Most Valuable Energy Reserves
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Using data from British Petroleum’s 2013 statistical review of world energy, we calculated the countries with the largest reserves in three key fossil ... accounts for nearly half of the world’s coal consumption. The United Arab Emirates currently ...

World's Most Energy-Guzzling Countries: Canada Ranks Ahead Of U.S.
The Huffington Post - 10/2/2014 2:20:21 PM
“While many equate Canada's energy sector with the oil sands, it is, in fact, other forms of energy that account for the lion's share of consumption ... 11th out of 12 countries on efficient use of energy. The list of the world's top energy-guzzling ...

These maps show which countries use (and produce) the majority of our non-renewable energy resources
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The heatmap below shows which countries in the world are consuming the most petroleum ... Take a look at global carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of non-renewable energy resources over the last two decades. CO2 emissions from consumption ...

India’s per capita Energy consumption one of the lowest in the world ! - 4/6/2010 11:58:05 PM
... consumption of energy amongst developed and emerging countries. I expected that India’s energy consumption will be low, but I did not expect that it would be one of the lowest in the world. Although, these figures are not the latest ones, but it ...

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