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RankCountryPopulation below poverty line (%)
4Congo, Democratic Republic of the71
5Sierra Leone70.2

Definition: National estimates of the percentage of the population falling below the poverty line are based on surveys of sub-groups, with the results weighted by the number of people in each group. Definitions of poverty vary considerably among nations. For example, rich nations generally employ more generous standards of poverty than poor nations.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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Why majority of Nigerians live below poverty line, by Aregbesola - 3/22/2017 4:01:35 AM
Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola yesterday said more than 70 percent of the country’s oil resources were being appropriated by less than one percent of the population thereby leaving a larger number of the populace living below poverty line. He made the remark in ...

Top 10 Countries By Population Below Poverty Line
Jagran Josh - 9/22/2011 12:49:00 PM
National estimates of the percentage of the population falling below the poverty line are based on surveys of sub-groups, with the results weighted by the number of people in each group. Definitions of poverty vary considerably among nations. For example ...

Nigeria one of the poorest countries in the world, over 80m living below poverty line – UN report - 9/5/2016 7:06:18 AM
has described the country as one of the poorest and unequal country in the world, with over 80m of her population living below poverty line. This was as the report revealed that the country was deeply divided on the basis of plurality of ethnic ...

World Bank: 'extreme poverty' to fall below 10% of world population for first time
The Guardian - 10/5/2015 1:34:38 AM
It projects 702 million people or 9.6% of the world’s population ... below $1.25 a day, but the World Bank’s adjustment now sets the poverty line at $1.90 a day. The Bank said the change reflects new data on differences in the cost of living across ...

Our World's Fragile Cities Need a $78 Trillion Boost
Bloomberg - 3/23/2017 8:56:53 PM
More people are living in urban areas than rural, making cities the world’s modern battlegrounds. The urban population is seen rising to ... By the early 2030s, 2 billion people will be living below the poverty line in cities and 1 billion new homes ...

Sudan Daily Publishes Report About Widespread Poverty
AllAfrica - 3/20/2017 8:57:27 AM
World Bank and Sudanese Ministry of Finance on a strategy to reduce poverty in Sudan has pointed out that poverty is deeply rooted in the country. Most of the poor people lived relatively below the poverty line, leading to high rates of poverty in rural ...

Pew: 84% of world population lives at or below U.S. poverty line
Washington Examiner - 7/2/2015 11:58:32 PM
Eighty-four percent of the world's population had less than $20 to spend daily in 2011, an amount that puts them at or below the U.S. poverty line, reports a new Pew ... and services and exchange rates across countries. It compared 111 countries in 2011 ...

Poverty rate shockingly high in the U.S., just as rampant in Canada
The Independent - 3/22/2017 1:05:37 PM
They comprise 29.5 percent of the Sunshine State’s working households, with another 14.5 percent languishing below the poverty line ... pretend that the country is virtually poverty-free – that it remains the best country in the world in every social ...

World Bank Forecasts Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time; Major Hurdles Remain in Goal to End Poverty by 2030
The World Bank - 10/4/2015 7:08:06 PM
Using this new line (as well as new country-level data on living standards), the World Bank projects that global poverty will have fallen from 902 million people or 12.8 per cent of the global population in 2012 to 702 million people, or 9.6 per cent of ...

Extreme poverty in rich countries: what we know and what we don’t know - 2/23/2017 5:19:33 PM
In the World Bank estimates of global extreme poverty, high-income countries are not accounted ... these estimates show the share of population living with disposable incomes below the International Poverty Line (1.90 international dollars); and again ...

Debt Relief for Tanzania: - 3/17/2017 7:16:37 PM
Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries. Around half of the population lives below the poverty line, one in six children die before the age of five, and almost one-third of the population will not live until the age indicators. The ratio of debt ...

Belize Population: 2nd Highest Percentage Below National Poverty Line at 41.3%
Love FM News Music & Power - 1/11/2017 8:16:24 AM
Studies and surveys conducted on Belize are done regularly in various aspects in order to get a better understanding on the developments and progress made in the country ... percentage of its population below the national poverty line at 41.3%.

Poverty in Saudi Arabia: A Quarter Of The Population Live Below Poverty Line
Counter Currents - 1/3/2013 1:34:05 PM
To many, poverty in Saudi Arabia, a country with vast oil resource and lavish royalty, is unimaginable. But the rule of private property persists and the kingdom now finds: An estimated quarter of Saudis live below the poverty line. A report by Kevin ...

people in canada living below poverty line 2016 - 6/13/2016 4:16:54 PM
Oxfam reported wednesday that the 85 richest people on the planet have as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people, half the world’s population — a sobering. putraz All of the top 9 countries by population below poverty line are hot countries.

84% of World Population Lives at or Below U.S. Poverty Line - 7/12/2015 11:53:50 PM
See original/source content: http://www. s.-poverty-line/article/ 2567908 Eighty-four percent of the world’s population had ... and exchange rates across countries. It compared 111 countries ...

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