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RankCountryStock of direct foreign investment - abroad (US$)
1United States4,853,999,861,760
2United Kingdom1,883,999,961,088
6Hong Kong1,391,999,975,424

Definition: This entry gives the cumulative US
dollar value of all investments in foreign countries made directly by residents - primarily companies - of the home country, as of the end of the time period indicated. Direct investment excludes investment through purchase of shares.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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Dr Gift Mugano The attitude towards inward foreign direct investment (FDI) has changed considerably over the last decades, as most countries have liberalised ... of the costs and benefits of investing abroad, and may therefore invest less than what would ...

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Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad (US$) - 3/19/2017 2:42:14 PM
dollar value of all investments in foreign countries made directly by residents - primarily companies - of the home country, as of the end of the time period indicated. Direct investment excludes investment through purchase of shares.

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This table also contains information on foreign direct investment (FDI) inward and outward stock by individual country, geographical region and economic grouping, expressed in millions of dollars, as FDI world shares, as FDI values per capita, and as FDI ...

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... data is that the largest sectors for Australian direct investment abroad are financial and insurance services (31.4%), manufacturing (17.5%) and mining (15.2%). The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recently analysed data from agencies in the US ...

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Foreign Investment in the United States ... foreign direct investment than any other country in the world. Thus: In 2011 the United States received a flow of foreign direct investment of nearly $227 billion, and Americans invested directly abroad almost ...

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The stock ... foreign direct investment in Canada was up 6.8% to $768.5 billion. As a result, Canada's net direct investment position with the rest of the world more than doubled to $236.8 billion in 2015. Increase in Canadian direct investment abroad ...

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MIAMI - March 23, 2017 - PRLog-- During the Annual FLOR/KOR Summit, Minister Counselor Chang Kyu Kim announced that Korean foreign ... country implemented the Korea-US Free Trade Agreements (KORUS FTA) in 2012, and has been increasing activity investment ...

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It’s not a sordid tale of hot money but rather a more mundane story of companies investing abroad through a holding company or affiliate located in a third country ... the Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment, 4th Edition (BMD4).

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Research from Dimson, Marsh and Staunton in their Global Investment ... to foreign or domestic investors. To get a sense of how small some stock markets around the globe really are, take a look at the following table which takes the market cap of a country ...

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The estimate, released today (March 24th), of the negative balance of current transactions, which are the purchases and sales of goods and services and income transfers from the country to the world ... foreign investment. From January to February, direct ...

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DEFINITION: Foreign direct investment is defined as investment by a resident ... outward stocks are the investments of the reporting economy held abroad. The stock tables also show the distribution of stocks according to broad sectors of the industry ...

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