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RankCountryStock of direct foreign investment - abroad (US$)
1United States4,853,999,861,760
2United Kingdom1,883,999,961,088
6Hong Kong1,391,999,975,424

Definition: This entry gives the cumulative US
dollar value of all investments in foreign countries made directly by residents - primarily companies - of the home country, as of the end of the time period indicated. Direct investment excludes investment through purchase of shares.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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First, the editorial rightly acknowledged that Uganda's foreign policy had made the country ... Missions abroad to promote trade, tourism and investment. Last year, Uganda was one of the top six destinations for global Foreign Direct Investment in Africa.

China to become one of world’s biggest overseas investors by 2020
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China will become one of the world’s biggest cross-border investors ... Based on the historical experiences of other countries, China’s global stock of outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI), which includes investing in corporate mergers ...

Top 25 Countries for Overseas Investment
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A periodic study from consultancy A.T. Kearney finds that managers at some of the world's largest ... to investing in other countries due to the economy. After hitting an all-time high of $1.98 trillion in 2007, foreign direct investment worldwide fell ...

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