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3United States318,892,096

Definition: This entry gives an estimate from the US Bureau of the Census based on statistics from population censuses, vital statistics registration systems, or sample surveys pertaining to the recent past and on assumptions about future trends. The total population presents one overall measure of the potential impact of the country on the world and within its region. Note: Starting with the 1993 Factbook, demographic estimates for some countries (mostly African) have explicitly taken into account the effects of the growing impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. These countries are currently: The Bahamas, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Source: CIA World Factbook - Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 1, 2014

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WHO Says 92 Percent Of The World's Population Breathes Sub-Standard Air
NPR News - 9/27/2016 8:52:03 PM
The World Health Organization said 92 percent of the world's population breathes air containing pollutants ... air pollution-related health data, by country, ever reported by WHO," according to a press release from the organization. The report used ...

WHO: ‘92% of Earth’s population breathes dangerous air’
redOrbit - 9/28/2016 6:49:10 PM
92 percent of the world’s population resides in areas where air quality is below the international organization’s standards. "The new WHO model shows countries where the air pollution danger spots are, and provides a baseline for monitoring progress in ...

Most of the world breathes polluted air, WHO says
CNN - 9/28/2016 8:40:43 AM
However, the new map revealed that a whopping 92% of the world's population lives in places where air quality ... the Mediterranean region, sub-Saharan countries and Southeast Asia, according to the map. Nearly 90% of deaths linked to air pollution occur ...

90 pc of world population breathing bad air, causing one in nine deaths globally: WHO
India TV - 9/27/2016 1:49:42 PM
Over 90 per cent of the world’s population is breathing poor quality air ... the head of the WHO’s department of public health and environment. Poorer countries have much dirtier air than the developed world, according to the report, but pollution ...

Excessive air pollution impacts 92% of world’s population, says WHO
Canadian Manufacturing - 9/27/2016 10:03:38 PM
Dora noted, for example, that doctors could advise their patients about higher risks of heart disease in some countries, or how solar lamps could substitute for kerosene lamps that are used in many parts of the developing world. He said WHO has no evidence ...

World's super rich hit by falling oil prices
WESH - 9/27/2016 11:58:10 PM
The rich are getting richer, but not in every country. The number of ultra wealthy people ... Together, the super rich make up just 0.004% of the adult population, but they control 12% of the world's wealth. Wealth-X defined ultra high net worth ...

India Growing 8% a Year Seen by Citi Helping Oil, Gold Demand
Bloomberg - 9/26/2016 4:46:52 AM
The world’s second-largest country by population after China will see its economy expand at about 8 percent a year through 2021, Citi researchers including Ed Morse said. The country’s working-age population will increase by 220 million over the next ...

WHO Announces 92 Percent of the World Breathes Polluted Air - 9/28/2016 11:18:12 AM
... of the World’s population are breathing polluted air, claims by World Health Organisation (WHO). This extreme air pollution has caused more than six million deaths a year. According to the reports of UN Agency, the poorer countries have more ...

WHO names China as country with most deaths caused by outdoor air pollution
Market Watch - 9/27/2016 12:45:17 PM
The countries at the bottom of the list — that is ... However, “fast action to tackle air pollution can’t come soon enough,” she added. About 92% of the world’s population is currently living in a place where air-quality levels are above WHO ...

WHO: Entire global population exposed to too much air pollution
United Press International - 9/27/2016 1:13:55 PM
27 (UPI) --Most people around the world are breathing bad air ... About 90 percent of the deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, but the results of bad air can be found globally. "This new model is a big step forward towards even more confident ...

Over 90% of People in the World Live With Air Pollution Above WHO Limit
ABC News - 9/27/2016 5:00:00 AM
About 3 million deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution exposure each year, according to the report, and of those deaths, nearly 90 percent occur in low- and middle-income countries ... of heart disease in a population, air pollution will make this ...

92 percent of world’s population is breathing unhealthy air: WHO
Jagran Josh - 9/28/2016 8:55:02 AM
The report claims that 92 percent of the world’s population lives in places where air quality ... According to the report, poorer countries have much dirtier air than the developed world. The report is based on WHO’s new air quality model that is ...

The 13 countries where people live the longest in the world
The Business Insider - 9/28/2016 2:57:07 AM
The WEF ranked countries in terms of the average life expectancy, showing where in the world people live the longest ... the rise in the number of suicides by the female population. However, life expectancy is long in Japan due to the a predominantly ...

How the world consumes technology
The Next Web - 9/26/2016 1:07:57 PM
With about 40 percent of the world’s population using the internet ... Especially when compared to the US, UK, and other European countries. Last year, porn sites accounted for over four percent of all desktop visits worldwide. In fact, adult ...

U.S. surpasses Syrian refugee goal set by Obama, expects more next year
Washington Post - 9/27/2016 5:24:27 PM
The Syrians are among 85,000 refugees from all over the world who have been resettled in the fiscal year that ends late this week, said Ann Richard, the assistant secretary of state for population ... rather than specific countries, Obama last September ...

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