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Capitalenom: Bangui
coordonnées géographiques: 4 22 N, 18 35 E
différence de temps: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
Fête de l'Indépendance13 Aoüt 1960 (from France)
Fête nationaleJour De République, 1 Decembre (1958)
Constitutionseveral previous; latest ratified by referendum 5 Decembre 2004, effective 27 Decembre 2004; amended 2010; note - the transitional parliament has begun work on a new constitution which should be ready for citizens feedback in early 2015 (2010)
Suffrage - Age minimum de l'électeur18 ans; universal
Pouvoir exécutifchef d'état (Président): Interim Président Catherine SAMBA-PANZA (depuis 20 January 2014); elected by the National Transitional Council
chef de gouvernement (1er ministre): Interim Prime Minister Andre NZAPAYEKE (depuis 25 January 2014); note - he replaced Prime Minister Nicolas TIANGAYE who resigned 10 January 2014
cabinet: Council of Ministers
elections: interim president was elected by the National Transitional Council on 20 January 2014; she will be in office until February 2015 at the new general elections
election results: in the second round Catherine SAMBA-PANZA was elected; SAMBA-PANZA 75 votes from the National Transitional Council, Desire KOLINGBA 53 votes (129 MPs out of 135 voted)
note: rebel forces seized the captial in March 2013, forcing former Président BOZIZE to flee the country; Interim Président Michel DJOTODIA assumed the presidency, reinstated the prime minister, established a transitional government and was subsequently affirmed as president by the National Transitional Council on 13 Apriil 2013; he resigned soon after because of racial violence in the country and was replced briefly by Interim Président Alexandre-Ferdinand NGUENDET

Source: CIA World Factbook - Version du Mars 31, 2015