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Capitalenom: Maseru
coordonnées géographiques: 29 19 S, 27 29 E
différence de temps: UTC+2 (7 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
Fête de l'Indépendance4 Octobre 1966 (from the UK)
Fête nationaleJour De l'Indépendance, 4 Octobre (1966)
Constitutionprevious 1959, 1967; latest adopted 2 Avril 1993 (effectively restoring the 1967 version); amended 2001 (2013)
Suffrage - Age minimum de l'électeur18 ans; universal
Pouvoir exécutifchef d'état (Président): King LETSIE III (depuis 7 February 1996); note - King LETSIE III formerly occupied the throne from November 1990 to February 1995 while his father was in exile
chef de gouvernement (1er ministre): Prime Minister Motsoahae Thomas THABANE (depuis 8 June 2012)
cabinet: Cabinet
elections: the leader of the majority party, or coalition of parties, in the Assembly automatically becomes prime minister; the monarchy is hereditary, but, under the terms of the constitution that came into effect after the March 1993 election, the monarch is a "living symbol of national unity" with no executive or legislative powers; under traditional law, the college of chiefs has the power to depose the monarch, determine next in line of succession or shall serve as regent in the event that the successor is not of mature age

Source: CIA World Factbook - Version du Mars 31, 2015