Uruguay - Total tax rate

Total tax rate (% of commercial profits)

Total tax rate (% of commercial profits) in Uruguay was 42.00 as of 2012. Its highest value over the past 7 years was 71.40 in 2007, while its lowest value was 42.00 in 2009.

Definition: Total tax rate measures the amount of taxes and mandatory contributions payable by businesses after accounting for allowable deductions and exemptions as a share of commercial profits. Taxes withheld (such as personal income tax) or collected and remitted to tax authorities (such as value added taxes, sales taxes or goods and service taxes) are excluded.

Source: World Bank, Doing Business project (http://www.doingbusiness.org/).

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Year Value
2005 71.40
2006 71.40
2007 71.40
2008 43.20
2009 42.00
2010 42.00
2011 42.00
2012 42.00


Topic: Private Sector & Trade Indicators

Sub-Topic: Business environment