Wyoming Households, 2005-2009 by County

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Households, 2006-2010 - (Number)
County Value
Albany 14,591
Big Horn 4,547
Campbell 16,039
Carbon 6,205
Converse 5,564
Crook 2,769
Fremont 15,541
Goshen 5,241
Hot Springs 2,201
Johnson 3,731
Laramie 35,790
Lincoln 6,474
Natrona 29,597
Niobrara 939
Park 11,742
Platte 3,737
Sheridan 12,172
Sublette 3,148
Sweetwater 16,415
Teton 7,470
Uinta 7,279
Washakie 3,399
Weston 3,097

Value for Wyoming (Number): 217,688

Data item: Households, 2006-2010

Source: U. S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates. Updated every year. http://factfinder2.census.gov


A household includes all the persons who occupy a housing unit as their usual place of residence. A housing unit is a house, an apartment, a mobile home, a group of rooms, or a single room that is occupied (or if vacant, is intended for occupancy) as separate living quarters. Separate living quarters are those in which the occupants live and eat separately from any other persons in the building and which have direct access from outside the building or through a common hall. The occupants may be a single family, one person living alone, two or more families living together, or any other group of related or unrelated persons who share living arrangements. (People not living in households are classified as living in group quarters.)

Persons per household, or average household size, is obtained by dividing the number of persons in households by the number of households (or householders).

Scope and Methodology:

These data are collected in the American Community Survey (ACS). The data are estimates and are subject to sampling variability. The data for each geographic area are presented together with margins of error at factfinder2.census.gov. The data are period estimates, that is, they represent the characteristics of the population over a specific 60-month data collection period.

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