South Carolina Accommodation and food services sales, 2007 ($1,000) by County

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Accommodation and food services sales, 2007 ($1,000) - (Thousands of USD)
County Value
Abbeville 10,963
Aiken 172,893
Allendale 2,949
Anderson 235,779
Bamberg 9,368
Barnwell 14,706
Beaufort 530,485
Berkeley 161,164
Calhoun 4,052
Charleston 1,382,702
Cherokee 68,158
Chester 25,201
Chesterfield 30,532
Clarendon 29,787
Colleton 55,994
Darlington 53,900
Dillon 31,568
Dorchester 104,021
Edgefield 7,863
Fairfield 8,892
Florence 250,032
Georgetown 136,648
Greenville 817,772
Greenwood 86,061
Hampton 17,608
Horry 1,483,780
Jasper 32,368
Kershaw 52,193
Lancaster 56,293
Laurens 53,708
Lee 10,724
Lexington 434,490
Marion 31,211
Marlboro 13,417
McCormick 1,954
Newberry 30,350
Oconee 62,807
Orangeburg 152,207
Pickens 142,900
Richland 733,609
Saluda 4,310
Spartanburg 411,477
Sumter 109,382
Union 18,534
Williamsburg 12,820
York 285,831

Value for South Carolina (Thousands of USD): 8,383,463

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Economic Census, 2007. Updated every 5 years.

Definitions: The Accommodation and Foodservices sector (sector 72) comprises establishments providing customers with lodging and/or prepared meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption. The 2007 Economic Census classifies businesses according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), 2007.

Sales includes payments from customers for services rendered, from the use of facilities and from merchandise sold. If tax-exempt, sales includes dues and assessments from members and affiliates. Sales do not include carrying or other credit charges; sales and other taxes (including Hawaii's General Excise Tax) collected from customers and forwarded to taxing authorities; gross sales and receipts of departments or concessions operated by other companies; and commissions or receipts from the sale of government lottery tickets. Excluded are sales from civic and social organizations; amusement and recreation parks; theaters; and other recreation or entertainment facilities providing food and beverage services.

Scope and Methodology:

The 2007 Economic Census measured activity during calendar year 2007. Large- and medium-size firms, including all firms known to operate more than one establishment, and a sample of small employers were sent questionnaires to be completed and returned to the Census Bureau by mail. Most very small firms were not sent a form, and data from existing administrative records of other Federal agencies were used instead.

These data include only establishments with paid employees. These data exclude governmental establishments.

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