Oregon Population by County

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Resident total population, 2010 - (Number)
County Value
Baker 16,134
Benton 85,579
Clackamas 375,992
Clatsop 37,039
Columbia 49,351
Coos 63,043
Crook 20,978
Curry 22,364
Deschutes 157,733
Douglas 107,667
Gilliam 1,871
Grant 7,445
Harney 7,422
Hood River 22,346
Jackson 203,206
Jefferson 21,720
Josephine 82,713
Klamath 66,380
Lake 7,895
Lane 351,715
Lincoln 46,034
Linn 116,672
Malheur 31,313
Marion 315,335
Morrow 11,173
Multnomah 735,334
Polk 75,403
Sherman 1,765
Tillamook 25,250
Umatilla 75,889
Union 25,748
Wallowa 7,008
Wasco 25,213
Washington 529,710
Wheeler 1,441
Yamhill 99,193

Value for Oregon (Number): 3,831,074

Data item: Resident total population, 2010

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population, Public Law 94-171 Redistricting Data File. Updated every 10 years. http://factfinder2.census.gov.


In Census 2010, people were counted at their "usual residence", a principle followed in each census since 1790. Usual residence has been defined as the place where the person lives and sleeps most of the time. This place is not necessarily the same as the person's voting residence or legal residence.

Noncitizens who are living in the United States are included, regardless of their immigration status.

Persons temporarily away from their usual residence, such as on vacation or on a business trip on Census Day, were counted at their usual residence. People who live at more than one residence during the week, month, or year were counted at the place where they live most of the year. People without a usual residence, however, were counted where they were staying on Census Day.

Scope and Methodology:

Place of residence was derived from answers to questions that were asked of all people in Census 2010 and Census 2000.

The "April 1, 2000 estimates base" reflects corrections to the Census 2000 figures, where necessary, or adjustments to account for any boundary changes subsequent to the census.

Population percent change, 2000 to 2010, is derived by dividing the difference between the population in Census 2010 and the April 1, 2000 estimates base by the April 1, 2000 estimates base.

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