New Hampshire Female Population Percentage by County

Data Item State
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Resident population: total females, percent, 2010 - (Percent)
County Value
Belknap 50.9
Carroll 50.5
Cheshire 51.2
Coos 49.2
Grafton 50.5
Hillsborough 50.5
Merrimack 50.8
Rockingham 50.6
Strafford 51.3
Sullivan 50.6

Value for New Hampshire (Percent): 50.7%

Data item: Resident population: total females, percent, 2010

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census of Population, Profiles of General Demographic Characteristics. Updated every 10 years.


Sex classification is based on self-classification by gender, either male or female.

The number of females is expressed as a percent of the total population.

Scope and Methodology:

These data were derived from answers to a question that was asked of all people in Census 2010.