Nebraska Retail sales, 2007 ($1,000) by County

Data Item State
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Retail sales, 2007 ($1,000) - (Thousands of USD)
County Value
Adams 360,802
Antelope 57,007
Arthur 937
Banner 0
Blaine 0
Boone 81,645
Box Butte 82,175
Boyd 13,217
Brown 48,132
Buffalo 739,878
Burt 40,579
Butler 72,333
Cass 183,630
Cedar 121,798
Chase 60,445
Cherry 78,284
Cheyenne 0
Clay 60,659
Colfax 107,576
Cuming 174,641
Custer 118,022
Dakota 170,315
Dawes 164,591
Dawson 345,341
Deuel 102,008
Dixon 37,054
Dodge 665,022
Douglas 8,109,038
Dundy 14,035
Fillmore 39,676
Franklin 17,262
Frontier 14,785
Furnas 50,222
Gage 238,113
Garden 12,385
Garfield 27,142
Gosper 2,343
Grant 0
Greeley 25,361
Hall 1,087,733
Hamilton 101,126
Harlan 25,999
Hayes 0
Hitchcock 0
Holt 143,200
Hooker 0
Howard 48,446
Jefferson 124,811
Johnson 34,432
Kearney 29,729
Keith 203,776
Keya Paha 0
Kimball 49,041
Knox 82,386
Lancaster 3,662,691
Lincoln 634,917
Logan 0
Loup 0
Madison 649,732
McPherson 0
Merrick 45,568
Morrill 46,228
Nance 22,402
Nemaha 59,321
Nuckolls 53,345
Otoe 146,815
Pawnee 14,362
Perkins 44,652
Phelps 94,533
Pierce 41,414
Platte 494,298
Polk 35,465
Red Willow 175,905
Richardson 70,387
Rock 0
Saline 102,412
Sarpy 2,285,801
Saunders 148,986
Scotts Bluff 519,759
Seward 109,761
Sheridan 50,250
Sherman 35,456
Sioux 0
Stanton 33,003
Thayer 54,943
Thomas 0
Thurston 54,072
Valley 66,843
Washington 642,646
Wayne 79,455
Webster 23,738
Wheeler 0
York 241,319

Value for Nebraska (Thousands of USD): 26,486,612

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Economic Census, 2007. Updated every 5 years.


The retail trade sector comprises establishments engaged in retailing merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. The retailing process is the final step in the distribution of merchandise; retailers are, therefore, organized to sell merchandise in small quantities to the general public. The 2007 Economic Census classifies businesses according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), 2007.

Sales include merchandise sold for cash or credit at retail and wholesale by establishments primarily engaged in retail trade; amounts received from customers for layaway purchases; receipts from rental of vehicles, equipment, instruments, tools, etc.; receipts for delivery, installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, storage, and other services; the total value of service contracts; and gasoline, liquor, tobacco, and other excise taxes which are paid by the manufacturer or wholesaler and passed on to the retailer.

Sales are net after deductions for refunds and allowances for merchandise returned by customers. Trade-in allowances are not deducted from sales. Sales do not include carrying or other credit charges; sales (or other) taxes collected from customers and forwarded to taxing authorities; gross sales and receipts of departments or concessions operated by other companies; and commissions or receipts from the sale of government lottery tickets.

Sales do not include retail sales made by manufacturers, wholesalers, service establishments, or other businesses whose primary activity is other than retail trade. They do include receipts other than from the sale of merchandise at retail, such as service receipts, sales to industrial users, and sales to other retailers by establishments primarily engaged in retail trade.

Scope and Methodology:

The 2007 Economic Census measured activity during calendar year 2007. Large- and medium-size firms, including all firms known to operate more than one establishment, and a sample of small employers were sent questionnaires to be completed and returned to the Census Bureau by mail or electronically. Most very small firms were not sent a form, and data from existing administrative records of other Federal agencies were used instead.

These data exclude governmental establishments except for retail liquor stores (NAICS 44531).

These data include only establishments with paid employees.

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