Nebraska Total Population in 2000 by County

Data Item State
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Resident population (April 1) 2000 (complete count) - (Number)
County Value
Adams 31,151
Antelope 7,452
Arthur 444
Banner 819
Blaine 583
Boone 6,259
Box Butte 12,158
Boyd 2,438
Brown 3,525
Buffalo 42,259
Burt 7,791
Butler 8,767
Cass 24,334
Cedar 9,615
Chase 4,068
Cherry 6,148
Cheyenne 9,830
Clay 7,039
Colfax 10,441
Cuming 10,203
Custer 11,793
Dakota 20,253
Dawes 9,060
Dawson 24,365
Deuel 2,098
Dixon 6,339
Dodge 36,160
Douglas 463,585
Dundy 2,292
Fillmore 6,634
Franklin 3,574
Frontier 3,099
Furnas 5,324
Gage 22,993
Garden 2,292
Garfield 1,902
Gosper 2,143
Grant 747
Greeley 2,714
Hall 53,534
Hamilton 9,403
Harlan 3,786
Hayes 1,068
Hitchcock 3,111
Holt 11,551
Hooker 783
Howard 6,567
Jefferson 8,333
Johnson 4,488
Kearney 6,882
Keith 8,875
Keya Paha 983
Kimball 4,089
Knox 9,374
Lancaster 250,291
Lincoln 34,632
Logan 774
Loup 712
Madison 35,226
McPherson 533
Merrick 8,204
Morrill 5,440
Nance 4,038
Nemaha 7,576
Nuckolls 5,057
Otoe 15,396
Pawnee 3,087
Perkins 3,200
Phelps 9,747
Pierce 7,857
Platte 31,662
Polk 5,639
Red Willow 11,448
Richardson 9,531
Rock 1,756
Saline 13,843
Sarpy 122,595
Saunders 19,830
Scotts Bluff 36,951
Seward 16,496
Sheridan 6,198
Sherman 3,318
Sioux 1,475
Stanton 6,455
Thayer 6,055
Thomas 729
Thurston 7,171
Valley 4,647
Washington 18,780
Wayne 9,851
Webster 4,061
Wheeler 886
York 14,598

Value for Nebraska (Number): 1,711,263

Data item: Resident population (April 1) 2000 (complete count)

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Population Estimates Program (PEP). Updated annually. Census Bureau, 2000 Census of Population, Public Law 94-171 Redistricting Data File. Updated every 10 years.

Estimates are made for the United States, states, counties, places, and metropolitan areas within the United States. The timing of estimates and availability of demographic detail vary by geographic level. The schedule of releases is available at


The Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program (PEP) produces July 1 estimates for years after the last published decennial census (2000). Existing data series such as births, deaths, and domestic and international immigration, are used to update the decennial census base counts. PEP estimates are used in federal funding allocations, in setting the levels of national surveys, and in monitoring recent demographic changes.

With each new issue of July 1 estimates, PEP revises estimates for years back to the last census. Previously released estimates are superseded. Revisions to estimates for prior years are usually due to input data updates, changes in methodology, or legal boundary changes.

Scope and Methodology:

The population shown for April 1, 2000, is based on Census 2000, revised as necessary to reflect corrections to the census figures or adjustments to account for any boundary changes subsequent to the census.

County population estimates are created by starting with that base population for April 1, 2000. The estimated number of births for the time period since April 1, 2000 is added and the estimated number of deaths for the time period is subtracted. The result is adjusted for net migration, which is calculated using several components including net internal migration, net foreign-born international migration, net movement to/from Puerto Rico, net movement of federal and civilian citizens, the change in group-quarters population, and native emigration from the United States. Birth and death data are obtained through vital statistics, domestic migration is estimated through the address matching of federal tax returns, and international migration data is supplied by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

County population estimates are produced with this component-of-population-change method, while the state population estimates are solely the sum of the county populations. The following documentation describes the work that is being carried out in the production of the latest published population estimates.

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