Montana Merchant wholesaler sales, 2007 ($1,000) by County

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Merchant wholesaler sales, 2007 ($1,000) - (Thousands of USD)
County Value
Beaverhead 24,333
Big Horn 0
Blaine 27,575
Broadwater 10,326
Carbon 20,962
Carter 0
Cascade 672,008
Chouteau 38,357
Custer 75,061
Daniels 9,863
Dawson 107,556
Deer Lodge 0
Fallon 32,883
Fergus 400,247
Flathead 863,649
Gallatin 508,818
Garfield 0
Glacier 125,194
Golden Valley 0
Granite 0
Hill 190,161
Jefferson 0
Judith Basin 4,619
Lake 8,713
Lewis and Clark 199,568
Liberty 10,500
Lincoln 12,120
Madison 0
McCone 0
Meagher 0
Mineral 0
Missoula 860,085
Musselshell 5,025
Park 26,285
Petroleum 0
Phillips 80,846
Pondera 46,119
Powder River 0
Powell 0
Prairie 0
Ravalli 164,994
Richland 235,835
Roosevelt 66,280
Rosebud 0
Sanders 0
Sheridan 4,959
Silver Bow 0
Stillwater 14,190
Sweet Grass 0
Teton 0
Toole 96,316
Treasure 0
Valley 80,403
Wheatland 0
Wibaux 0
Yellowstone 2,772,504

Value for Montana (Thousands of USD): 8,202,782

Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Economic Census, 2007. Updated every 5 years.


The wholesale trade sector comprises establishments engaged in wholesaling merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise. The wholesaling process is an intermediate step in the distribution of merchandise. Wholesalers are organized to sell or arrange the purchase or sale of goods for resale (i.e., goods sold to other wholesalers or retailers), capital or durable nonconsumer goods, or raw and intermediate materials and supplies used in production. Wholesalers sell merchandise to other businesses and normally operate from a warehouse or office.

The 2007 Economic Census classifies businesses according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), 2007.

Sales includes merchandise sold for cash or credit by establishments primarily engaged in wholesale trade; receipts from rental of vehicles, equipment, instruments, tools, etc.; receipts for delivery, installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, storage, and other services; gasoline, liquor, tobacco, and other excise taxes that are paid by the manufacturer and passed on to the wholesaler; and shipping and handling receipts.

Sales are net after deductions for refunds and allowances for merchandise returned by customers. Trade-in allowances are not deducted from sales. Sales do not include carrying or other credit charges; sales and other taxes (including Hawaii''s General Excise Tax) collected from customers and forwarded to taxing authorities; and nonoperating income from such sources as investments, rental or sales of real estate, and interest.

Sales do not include wholesale sales made by manufacturers, retailers, service establishments, or other businesses whose primary activity is other than wholesale trade. They do include receipts other than from the sale of merchandise at wholesale, e.g., service receipts, retail sales, etc., by establishments primarily engaged in wholesale trade.

Scope and Methodology:

The 2007 Economic Census measured activity during calendar year 2007. Large- and medium-size firms, including all firms known to operate more than one establishment, and a sample of small employers were sent questionnaires to be completed and returned to the Census Bureau by mail. Most very small firms were not sent a form, and data from existing administrative records of other Federal agencies were used instead.

These data include only establishments with paid employees.

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