Kansas Median household income, 2006-2010 by County

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Median household income, 2006-2010 - (US Dollars)
County Value
Allen 41,546
Anderson 40,428
Atchison 44,175
Barber 38,875
Barton 43,763
Bourbon 38,045
Brown 37,525
Butler 56,290
Chase 40,372
Chautauqua 35,848
Cherokee 38,154
Cheyenne 31,186
Clark 37,931
Clay 42,490
Cloud 35,838
Coffey 47,171
Comanche 34,808
Cowley 40,749
Crawford 35,286
Decatur 35,383
Dickinson 46,457
Doniphan 43,410
Douglas 45,831
Edwards 39,226
Elk 33,455
Ellis 44,543
Ellsworth 42,200
Finney 50,454
Ford 46,621
Franklin 49,459
Geary 45,559
Gove 41,295
Graham 43,980
Grant 55,514
Gray 52,824
Greeley 55,972
Greenwood 37,180
Hamilton 36,297
Harper 38,168
Harvey 46,604
Haskell 45,859
Hodgeman 41,127
Jackson 51,759
Jefferson 56,886
Jewell 37,759
Johnson 73,733
Kearny 46,435
Kingman 44,510
Kiowa 37,292
Labette 39,049
Lane 42,311
Leavenworth 61,107
Lincoln 41,071
Linn 44,379
Logan 39,375
Lyon 36,921
Marion 45,713
Marshall 43,125
McPherson 53,026
Meade 46,658
Miami 60,539
Mitchell 44,247
Montgomery 40,603
Morris 42,083
Morton 42,273
Nemaha 46,134
Neosho 36,702
Ness 47,639
Norton 32,016
Osage 48,594
Osborne 34,797
Ottawa 50,814
Pawnee 40,048
Phillips 44,381
Pottawatomie 53,430
Pratt 43,583
Rawlins 39,797
Reno 41,431
Republic 38,286
Rice 43,164
Riley 39,257
Rooks 37,861
Rush 39,435
Russell 36,135
Saline 45,162
Scott 58,341
Sedgwick 47,848
Seward 41,373
Shawnee 47,464
Sheridan 46,739
Sherman 41,570
Smith 39,836
Stafford 39,375
Stanton 49,612
Stevens 50,517
Sumner 49,582
Thomas 47,033
Trego 39,655
Wabaunsee 52,133
Wallace 43,953
Washington 39,698
Wichita 44,318
Wilson 39,301
Woodson 30,385
Wyandotte 38,503

Value for Kansas (US Dollars): $49,424

Source: U. S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates. Updated every year. http://factfinder2.census.gov


Median household income

Income of Households - This includes the income of the householder and all other individuals 15 years old and over in the household, whether they are related to the householder or not. Because many households consist of only one person, average household income is usually less than average family income. Although the household income statistics cover the past 12 months, the characteristics of individuals and the composition of households refer to the time of interview. Thus, the income of the household does not include amounts received by individuals who were members of the household during all or part of the past 12 months if these individuals no longer resided in the household at the time of interview. Similarly, income amounts reported by individuals who did not reside in the household during the past 12 months but who were members of the household at the time of interview are included. However, the composition of most households was the same during the past 12 months as at the time of interview.

The median divides the income distribution into two equal parts: one-half of the cases falling below the median income and one-half above the median. For households and families, the median income is based on the distribution of the total number of households and families including those with no income. The median income for individuals is based on individuals 15 years old and over with income. Median income for households, families, and individuals is computed on the basis of a standard distribution.

Scope and Methodology:

These data are collected in the American Community Survey (ACS). The data are estimates and are subject to sampling variability. The data for each geographic area are presented together with margins of error at factfinder2.census.gov. The data are period estimates, that is, they represent the characteristics of the population over a specific 60-month data collection period.

Since answers to income questions are frequently based on memory and not on records, many people tended to forget minor or sporadic sources of income and, therefore, underreport their income. Underreporting tends to be more pronounced for income sources that are not derived from earnings, such as public assistance, interest, dividends, and net rental income.

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