Idaho Veterans - total, 2005-2009 by County

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Veterans - total, 2006-2010 - (Number)
County Value
Ada 32,352
Adams 459
Bannock 6,047
Bear Lake 550
Benewah 988
Bingham 2,760
Blaine 1,421
Boise 1,020
Bonner 4,584
Bonneville 7,182
Boundary 1,457
Butte 319
Camas 120
Canyon 13,347
Caribou 549
Cassia 1,444
Clark 49
Clearwater 1,032
Custer 426
Elmore 4,126
Franklin 963
Fremont 1,162
Gem 1,739
Gooding 1,301
Idaho 1,944
Jefferson 1,492
Jerome 1,386
Kootenai 14,027
Latah 2,566
Lemhi 903
Lewis 567
Lincoln 287
Madison 1,079
Minidoka 1,610
Nez Perce 4,207
Oneida 426
Owyhee 1,097
Payette 2,103
Power 486
Shoshone 1,637
Teton 377
Twin Falls 5,836
Valley 1,331
Washington 1,253

Value for Idaho (Number): 130,011

Data item: Veterans - total, 2006-2010

Source: U. S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates. Updated every year.

Definitions: Veterans are men and women who have served (even for a short time), but are not currently serving, on active duty in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or the Coast Guard, or who served in the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II. People who served in the National Guard or Reserves are classified as veterans only if they were ever called or ordered to active duty, not counting the 4-6 months for initial training or yearly summer camps. All other civilians are classified as nonveterans. While it is possible for 17 year olds to be veterans of the Armed Forces, ACS data products are restricted to the population 18 years and older.

Scope and Methodology:

These data are collected in the American Community Survey (ACS). The data are estimates and are subject to sampling variability. The data for each geographic area are presented together with margins of error at The data are period estimates, that is, they represent the characteristics of the population over a specific 60-month data collection period.

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