Florida Land area in square miles, 2010 by County

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Land area in square miles, 2010 - (Square Miles)
County Value
Alachua 875.02
Baker 585.23
Bay 758.46
Bradford 293.96
Brevard 1,015.66
Broward 1,209.79
Calhoun 567.33
Charlotte 680.28
Citrus 581.70
Clay 604.36
Collier 1,998.32
Columbia 797.57
DeSoto 637.06
Dixie 705.05
Duval 762.19
Escambia 656.46
Flagler 485.46
Franklin 534.73
Gadsden 516.33
Gilchrist 349.68
Glades 806.01
Gulf 564.01
Hamilton 513.79
Hardee 637.78
Hendry 1,152.75
Hernando 472.54
Highlands 1,016.62
Hillsborough 1,020.21
Holmes 478.78
Indian River 502.87
Jackson 917.76
Jefferson 598.10
Lafayette 543.41
Lake 938.38
Lee 784.51
Leon 666.85
Levy 1,118.21
Liberty 835.56
Madison 695.95
Manatee 742.93
Marion 1,584.55
Martin 543.46
Miami-Dade 1,897.72
Monroe 983.28
Nassau 648.64
Okaloosa 930.25
Okeechobee 768.91
Orange 903.43
Osceola 1,327.45
Palm Beach 1,969.76
Pasco 746.89
Pinellas 273.80
Polk 1,797.84
Putnam 727.62
Santa Rosa 1,011.61
Sarasota 555.87
Seminole 309.22
St. Johns 600.66
St. Lucie 571.93
Sumter 546.93
Suwannee 688.55
Taylor 1,043.31
Union 243.56
Volusia 1,101.03
Wakulla 606.42
Walton 1,037.63
Washington 582.80

Value for Florida (Square Miles): 53,624.76

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, data file from Geography Division based on the TIGER/Geographic Identification Code Scheme (TIGER/GICS) computer file. Land area updated every 10 years. http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/index.html or http://factfinder2.census.gov.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census of Population and Housing. Land area is based on current information in the TIGER® data base, calculated for use with Census 2010.


Land area is the size, in square units (metric and nonmetric) of all areas designated as land in the Census Bureau's national geographic (TIGER®) database.

Persons per square mile is the average number of inhabitants per square mile of land area. These figures are derived by dividing the total number of residents by the number of square miles of land area in the specified geographic area. The land area measurement is from the Census 2010. To determine population per square kilometer, multiply the population per square mile by .3861.

Scope and Methodology:

TIGER is an acronym for the digital (computer-readable) geographic database that automates the mapping and related geographic activities required to support the Census Bureau's census and survey programs. The Census Bureau developed the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) System to automate the geographic support processes needed to meet the major geographic needs of the 1990 census. Land area was calculated from the specific set of boundaries recorded for the entity (in this case, counties, which were then aggregated to metropolitan totals) in the Census Bureau's geographic database.

Land area measurements are originally recorded as whole square meters (to convert square meters to square kilometers, divide by 1,000,000; to convert square kilometers to square miles, divide by 2.58999; to convert square meters to square miles, divide by 2,589,988).

Land area measurements may disagree with the information displayed on U.S. Census Bureau maps and in the TIGER® database because, for area measurement purposes, features identified as "intermittent water" and "glacier" are reported as land area.

The accuracy of any area measurement data is limited by the accuracy inherent in (1) the location and shape of the various boundary information in the TIGER® database and (2) rounding affecting the last digit in all operations that compute and/or sum the area measurements. Identification of land is for statistical purposes and does not necessarily reflect legal definitions.

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