Belarus - Expenditure per student

Expenditure per student, tertiary (% of GDP per capita)

Expenditure per student, tertiary (% of GDP per capita) in Belarus was 14.70 as of 2011. Its highest value over the past 7 years was 29.03 in 2006, while its lowest value was 14.70 in 2011.

Definition: Public expenditure per student is the public current spending on education divided by the total number of students by level, as a percentage of GDP per capita. Public expenditure (current and capital) includes government spending on educational institutions (both public and private), education administration as well as subsidies for private entities (students/households and other privates entities).

Source: United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Institute for Statistics.

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Year Value
2004 27.30
2005 27.67
2006 29.03
2007 18.13
2009 15.56
2010 15.46
2011 14.70


Topic: Education Indicators

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