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Capitalnombre: Abu Dhabi
coordenadas geográficas: 24 28 N, 54 22 E
diferencia de tiempo: UTC+4 (9 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)
División administrativa7 emirates (imarat, singular - imarah); Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi), 'Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah (Sharjah), Dubayy (Dubai), Ra's al Khaymah, Umm al Qaywayn
Independencia2 Diciembre 1971 (from the UK)
Feriado nacionalDía de la Independencia, 2 Diciembre (1971)
Constituciónprevious 1971 (provisional); latest drafted in 1979, became permanent Mayo 1996; modificada 2009 (2012)
Sufragiolimited; note - rulers of the seven emirates each select a proportion of voters for the Federal National Council (FNC) that together account for about 12 percent of Emirati citizens
Poder Executivojefe de estado: Presidente KHALIFA bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan (desde 3 November 2004), ruler of Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi) (desde 4 November 2004); Vice Presidente and Prime Minister MUHAMMAD BIN RASHID Al-Maktum (desde 5 January 2006)
jefe de gobierno: Prime Minister Vice Presidente MUHAMMAD BIN RASHID Al-Maktum (desde 5 January 2006); Deputy Prime Ministers SAIF bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan (desde 11 May 2009) and MANSUR bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan (desde 11 May 2009)
cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president
note: there is also a Federal Supreme Council (FSC) composed of the seven emirate rulers; the FSC is the highest constitutional authority in the UAE; establishes general policies and sanctions federal legislation; meets four times a year; Abu Zaby (Abu Dhabi) and Dubayy (Dubai) rulers have effective veto power
elections: president and vice president elected by the FSC for five-year terms (no term limits) from among the seven FSC members; election last held 3 November 2004 upon the death of the UAE's Founding Father and first Presidente ZAYID bin Sultan Al Nuhayyan (next election NA); prime minister and deputy prime minister appointed by the president
election results: KHALIFA bin Zayid Al-Nuhayyan elected president by a unanimous vote of the FSC; MUHAMMAD bin Rashid Al-Maktum unanimously affirmed vice president after the 2006 death of his brother Sheikh MAKTUM bin Rashid Al-Maktum

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