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Suva (Viti Levu)


10 Oktober 1970 (from UK)


Unabhängigkeit, second Monday of Oktober (1970)


promulgated on 25 Juli 1990 and amended on 25 Juli 1997 to allow nonethnic Fijians greater say in government and to make multiparty government mandatory; entered into force 28 Juli 1998; note - the Mai 1999 election was the first test of the amended constitution and introduced open voting - not racially prescribed - for the first time at the national level


21 Jahre; universal


Staatsoberhaupt: Staatspräsident Ratu Josefa ILOILOVATU Uluivuda (seit dem NA 2000)
Regierungschef: Prime Minister Laisenia QARASE (seit dem 10 September 2000)
cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the prime minister from among the members of Parliament and is responsible to Parliament; note - there is also a Staatspräsidential Council that advises the president on matters of national importance and a Great Council of Chiefs, which consists of the highest ranking members of the traditional chief system
elections: president elected by the Great Council of Chiefs for a five-year term; prime minister appointed by the president
election results: Ratu Josefa ILOILOVATU Uluivuda elected president by the Great Council of Chiefs; percent of vote - NA%

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