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Exekutive: Staatsoberhaupt: Staatspräsident Mohamed Ould Abdel AZIZ (seit dem 5 August 2009); note - AZIZ, who deposed democratically elected Staatspräsident Sidi Ould Cheikh ABDELLAHI in a coup and installed himself as Staatspräsident of the High State Council on 6 August 2008, retired from the military and stepped down from the presidency in April 2009 to run for president; he was elected president in an election held on 18 July 2009
Regierungschef: Prime Minister Moulaye Ould Mohamed LAGHDAF (seit dem 14 August 2008)
cabinet: Council of Ministers
elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term; election last held on 18 July 2009 (next to be held by 2014)
election results: Mohamed Ould Abdel AZIZ elected president; percent of vote - Mohamed Ould Abdel AZIZ 52.6%, Messaoud Ould BOULKHEIR 16.3%, Ahmed Ould DADDAH 13.7%, other 17.4%

Quelle: CIA World Factbook - Version März 31, 2015

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